As Bariloche is a popular destination in Argentina, there are many options for getting there. 

By Air

    This is the most convenient way of getting to Bariloche from outside of the country. Most flights to the airport, however, originate from within Argentina, so it will probably be necessary to make a transfer somewhere in the country, probably Buenos Aires. There are multiple flights per day from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. The airport is located some 13 km east of the center of Bariloche.

By Car

    Driving is a popular way of getting to Bariloche, although this can eat up a lot of time. The drive from Buenos Aires takes over 20 hours, and most do it in a couple of days, stopping somewhere in between on the way.

By Bus

    Multiple bus companies in Buenos Aires offer service to Bariloche. Taking the bus takes about as long as driving a car.

By Train

    To get to Bariloche by train, it is necessary to arrive from the east. From the north of Argentina, this means that you must go through Bahia Blanca south to Viedma and then west to Bariloche. This indirect route can be very time-consuming.