The village of El Calafate is actually home to only about 4,000 residents, but this quaint rural community features small rustic houses that seem straight out of another time. The historic downtown, which actually seems much like it was when the area was settled in the 1920s, is quite picturesque. The Santa Teresita Chapel is one of the first structures in the area and it appears much as it always did. And despite the town’s small size, El Calafate offers much for the student of history.

The village is home to the Center of Historical Interpretation, and it is home to a collection of artifacts that date back to the time LONG before man ever arrived in the region. It includes prehistoric fossils, along with collections of items from the early explorations to the colonization of the town. The center is open daily.

The El Calafate Regional Museum offers its own collections of zoological artifacts, as well as those belonging to the Tehuelche people’s who settled the land long before the first Chileans or Argentines reached this remote region. The museum offers even documentaries on the area from November through March. The museum is open from Monday through Friday from 2pm until 8pm.