Most of the shops, restaurants and bars are on An. San Martin with the main intersection being at Av 25 de Mayo. Prices are a bit more than in the north but this is to be expected as goods have to be shipped a long way but still they are not bad.

There are some great places to eat towards the eastern end of San Martin, including the Argentinian's favourite BBQ (almost an Asado....a national cultural pastime...). If you want good food served with a smile in a nice cafe environment, visit the Banana Cafe down the eastern end of San Martin on the north side of the street. For about 15 pesos (about $US 3.50) you can get a great burger and for the same price get a "juice" (un jugo). Have it with milk ("un jugo con leche")...banana or peach are the best flavours.

The souveneer shop on the corner is probably the biggest and best for the usual tourist lines but there are some great shops on the main wharf for local crafts, jewerly and carved gems.

If you have the time, walk (it IS about 10 km uphill!) or take a taxi up to the Martial Glacier and stop off at the "tea rooms" just downhill from the chairlift building. More friendly Argentinian service and great food.