Baños is very close to Riobamba, which is the starting point of the Amazon. Riobamba leads on a crazed trail down the Devil's Nose to the coast, and to Puyo, the gateways to the Amazon. Adventurers can spend a day relaxing in Baños before proceeding town this trail of exploration.

Baños is also famous for its high Andean peaks of Ecuador that are mostly nestled along the famed Avenue of the Volcanoes, which is a lush valley surrounded by two ranges, the Eastern and Western Cordilleras.  Some of the easier climbs include the young volcanoes. Regardless, these cone-shaped volcanoes like Cotopaxi still reach 20,000 feet. Other easy climbs are Iliniza Norte, Imbabura or Pichincha, which are good practice to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness (A.M.S) or altitude sickness.

Once travelers have acclimated to the heights, they can try more aggressive peacks, such as Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe or Tungurahua. These mountains are no ‘walks in the park;’ yearly, there are casualties on these mountains and any novice climbers should hire an expert to lead them up safe and well-traveled routes. Regardless, the views from these mountain peaks are stupendous, a sensation of being on top of all natural tundra and fauna.

For those travelers who prefer to hike or trek as opposed to climb, there are great paths through the Andean paramo. Some of the most popular treks are Trek de Condor and the Ingapirca trek which takes one through old Incan trail to Ecuador's most important Incan ruins, Ingapirca.

The city itself also offers horseback riding, rafting and spa packages.