Crime is quite low in Samoa and visitors can generally feel at ease when visiting this island paradise. Still you should be careful when traveling late at night, especially in unlit areas. This is as much for fear of getting lost, which is quite true of the areas outside of Apia. Violent crime against tourists is very rare, but petty crimes do occur, so you should still lock your doors at night and don’t leave belongings unattended. The most common type of crime is a wallet or purse being nabbed while left unguarded at a beach.

Women can safely travel in the touristy areas of Samoa without much fear, but should still be cautious when venturing out after dark.

When using a rental car be sure to watch your driving outside of the city center of Apia. The roads can be hazardous in parts, and there are often no guardrails on some of the winding roads. Try to avoid driving at night if possible.

Many villages throughout the island observe evening prayer curfew and these can last about 20 minutes. At these times it is advised that you don’t venture too far or interfere with the prayers in any way. Some of the locals take this very seriously.