Night Life in Samoa can probably be divided into three main categories. Depending on what you want out of your night, Samoa does its best to give you the best experience in its own laid back way.


Places to Boogie:


Ace of Clubs: Is Samoa's newest nightclub. It offers two very separate experiences. A nightclub on the first floor and a "pub-like" bar and bistro on the ground floor, complete with pool tables. The ground floor is fully accessible to wheelchair patrons whilst the first floor is accessible only via a flight of stairs.

CLUB X: Located in Matautu in the old Wildfire Restaurant. This is the old VBar in a bigger space but with the same great atmosphere.

Crabbers: Located in the old Tropicana Bar in Apia. This club has relocated more than once its basically a big mess hall with a bar at one end and DJ at the other.

The RSA: Located across the road from the Westpac Bank and National Bank of Samoa. A live band performs Thursday thru Saturday night. 

Further out from Apia in the industrial zone of Vaitele Fou is Johnny’s Bar even though the sign says Working Man’s Bar the owner’s name is Johnny, hence it’s known to local’s as Johnny’s Bar. Le Tausala Bar is in the same vicinity and is similar to Johnny’s. Both of these places are well ventilated and quite spacious in comparison to the Apia Bars.

The Quiet Drink Spot

If all you are looking for is a quiet drink and a spot of people watching then there are a few options that don’t include super loud music and super intoxicated young people. The best options are:

1.       Cocktails on the Rocks(a.k.a. Hole In The Wall). It’s been in the same location since the beginning of time right on Beach Road. This little pub is a favourite of many tourists and with views of the Apia foreshore it’s not hard to see why. The great thing about this place is if you get hungry you can order a pizza from Italiano’s which is right next door and they’ll bring it to you, no need to get up and change venue. On the rocks also has a pool table for the drinker who wants to give it a shot just give your name to pool table master Pati have your $2 tala ready and listen out for your name to be called. A great live band (The Silver Bullet) plays here Tuesdays through Thursdays.

2.       Y Not is a small cocktail bar located next door to Paddles Restaurant on the Apia Harbour. It’s a great place to sit and watch the sunset and have a quiet drink with friends and also try  one of their funky cocktail concoctions.

3.       The Amanaki Hotel Bar (and restaurant): This has become a real hotspot since they opened their doors in 2010. It’s on the Sogi side of Apia just past The Tanoa Tusitala and on your way to the Apia Yacht Club, which is also a nice spot for drinks. The Hotels on this stretch of Apia all have bars that face the water and are nice for quiet evenings.

4.         Apia Harbour has undergone a major facelift. There are now up to four small bar&grill type establishments set up along the wharf with a common outdoor deck. It is very nice spot for an afternoon drink and is well shielded from the road. It not only offers a great view of the Harbout but also of Beach Road.

5.    Fia-Fia Nights: These nights are usually organised by hotels and resorts. The oldest running is hosted by Aggie Grey’s Apia Hotel. Check the Samoa Forum for more info as the days may have changed. Usually it happens on a Wednesday night and includes a buffet dinner at around $60WST per head. Again, check the details on the Aggie’s website or with other travellers on the Forum. Ooh La La Ice Cream Bar which is the home of the Ailao Club (Fire Knife Dancing Club) hosts guests to a cultural show on Tuesday nights at around $10WST per head.  Bookings are essentials so its best to call for more updated information 685 26029. Sails Restaurant also has a weekly fiafia night as do Tanoa Tusitala and Manumea Hotel.

No matter what your age or what type of fun you're after you'll be sure to find something that will appeal to your sense of good fun.