After taking in the picturesque beaches and sights of Apia head out to the nearby Mount Vaea. This would hardly rate as a large hill in many parts of the world, but at 475-meters it rises out of the sea like an imposing monolithic mountain! Along the trail to the top, which can be ascended in about an hour by even inexperienced hikers, is the tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson. There are numerous hiking trails throughout, some of which are much steeper and combined these can offer a full day’s of hiking around Mount Vaea.

The path was first cut in 1894 when the famous author died suddenly. Some 200 local Samoans, who had come to revere Mr. Stevenson, cut the path and took his body to its final resting place. From the heights of Mount Vaea visitors can take in the grandeur of the surrounding Samoan countryside, and the red roof of Vailima, Stevenson’s home on Saoma, is directly visible. The misty mountains of Upolu to the south are also visible, as is the coastal reef. Mount Vaea is truly one of the most peaceful places on this truly peaceful island. And for even more hiking, the mountain chain of Upolu offers additional opportunities away from the sand and surf.