There is a bit of NYC in Scottsdale, Arizona at Chompie's Delicatessen.  This diner puts Chompie's Rueben up against any eaten anywhere - and that is not a few!  The Grilled Grandpa Ruby sandwich is toasted rye bread that is piled high with pastrami or corned beef, a slice of Swiss (can be ordered without the cheese), some 1000 Island dressing and served with steak fries and coleslaw.  The sandwich is $12.99 (2008), but even splitting one leaves both diners stuffed.  The matzo ball soup is like your grandmother made it.   Enjoy the appetizer plate of pickles everyone gets by sitting in the restaurant side of Chompie's.  There is a takeout area also - it is a true deli.  Drop by for a bagel and check out the pastries.  As for atmosphere, well, just focus on the food.  The staff is very busy but very nice.  This is one of those places that feeds your nostalgia - deliciously! 

Chompie's in Scottsdale is on Shea Blvd. east of the 101 (Pima Fwy) across the street from the Scottsdale hospital.  It is in the center with Sprouts grocery.