Sedona is a place to recharge, relax, and forget the worries of the day. So it’s nice to know that this peaceful, rejuvenating place has a very low crime rate.

So low, in fact, that it barely ranks statistically in a few areas. Of course, when you travel you should always take precautions with your travel documents, cash, and your personal information. That’s true no matter where you travel, whether internationally or just an hour from home. It’s also true in Sedona. But it’s good to know that such precautions aren’t completely necessary.

In 2003, Sedona reported no murders, no rapes and only 1 robbery. In a town that attracts tourists and seasonal visitors, those are amazing numbers. Some believe the low crime rate is due to the fact that the residents are mostly retirees, artists and people who work in the various hotels and resorts that are found in the area. None are prime suspects for criminal activity.

You might need to worry about your rental car being stolen, but even that number (13 cars stole in 2003) is low. The two crimes with the highest incident rates are burglary and theft, both generally crimes against property that might not affect the casual tourist, and even their numbers are low (127 and 183, respectively).