Williams, Arizona, contrary to popular belief, does have cold winters. Nothing so cold that Northerners would be expect, but the average temperature for January is only 45 degrees. Of course, summers in the city are very hot and dry.

The best time to come to Wiliams is spring through fall. Visiting the Grand Canyon is best during these months. If you want slightly cooler temperatures, try to come in the late May to early June or late September to avoid the scorching June through August temperatures. Visitors should also keep in mind that, while the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open 365 days a year, the North Rim is only open from Mid-May through Mid-October. October does not guarantee that it will be open either; times are subject to change, weather permitting.

Williams has several fun festivals that you may want to work into your visit. "Rendez Vous Days" takes place over Memorial Day weekend and celebrates the city's western culture origins. There is a parade, crafts from the era, and even a shootout competition!

The fourth of July is a charming time to be in Williams as it epitomizes small-town, Americana culture. Fireworks, an ice-cream social, parade, and a town barbeque are all a part of the celebration of America's Independence.

The Cowpuncher's Reunion Rodeo is an action-packed display of true western culture. It usually takes place the last weekend in July.

Mid August sees a classic car exhibition and an early American culture celebration at the Cool Country-Cruise In & Route 66 Festival.