Yucca, Arizona is a very small town in Northwest Arizona. It is located directly off Interstate 40 about 45 minutes from both Lake Havasu City (West) and Kingman, Arizona (East). Yucca was a much more relevant town when Route 66 used to run through the area and travelers would stop off for a bite to eat or for a comfortable hotel room. Now most of those buildings are abandoned as people traveling on I-40 breeze by at 80 mph as you wounldn't even know it was there if you blink.

Currently  there are an approximately a couple hundred people living in the area. There is a U.S. Post Office, gas station, mechanic, realty office, and bar all within .5 miles of each other. The biggest structure in Yucca is the Ford Proving Ground - http://www.testapg.com/ where Ford Motor Company tests a lot of there current and future vehicles. This facility was an old miliary base during WWII that Ford converted into 3,840 acres of primarily level terrain in 1955. It Includes over 50 miles of test roads and approximately 109,000 square feet of building area.

Today Yucca is primarily a place that where most people don't even stop, however, that is just fine with the ones that do. There are very few places that haven't been settled by tens of thousands of people and Yucca is perfectly happy with its dirt roads and easy going lifestyle.