Eureka Springs has several cab companies, but they are not in excess like you would find in a large city. You won't just be able to hail a cab like in New York, and you should probably call ahead if you really are relying on getting a ride somewhere, especially after the trolly service has ended for the day. There are taxis around town that you can find, but they are mostly located in large gathering spots, such as larger attractions like the theater house and museums. During the day it will not be difficult to get a taxi, but it might be a bit harder at night. This is because less cab drivers will be around because of the drop in business. That is why it's good to call ahead if you will need a ride. The prices for the taxis are not very expensive, but if you take them often it can add up. It's probably a better idea to use the trolly as much as you can or try some other method of getting around. You can really just walk around to a lot of spots too, so that won't be a problem during the day. If you want to rent a car, you can do so from Carroll County Airport. The location is called Barnard's Cars in Green Forest. If you want to call ahead, the number for the store is (870)-438-6614. It's not a bad idea to have a car while you are in Eureka Springs becaues you might want to do things that are a bit outside of town, and the trolly doesn't go to every location.