Church of San Sebastian

The Church of San Sebastian is located at Plaza San Sebastian.

The church was built in 1548 by the architect Diego de Vergara. In 1692 it became a Colegiata, which is the most important church of the city. The facade is in the Renaissance style and has sculptures of San Pedro, San Pablo and San Sebastian on one level and Santiago and San Felipe on another level. There are the coat of arms of the Emperor Carlos V and an eagle. The tower was started in 1701 with a design of Ignacio de Urzueta. Today the design is Baroque-Mudejar and it is topped by a weathervane with the figure of an angel, called El Angelote, which has on its chest relics of Santa Eufemia, another patron saint of the city. The interior has three naves but the original main chapel was destroyed by an explosion in the past. The center of the main nave has a choir with important carved wooden chairs, and two Baroque organs. The church is located at the Plaza San Sebastian, which has a Renaissance design. There is a fountain from 1545. The church has many artistic treasures that came from the old Colegiata de Santa Maria. Today the church is the seat of the Cofradia del Mayor Dolor and the procession of Corpus Christi starts from this church.