Cazorla Nature Park


The Cazorla Nature Park is the largest protected nature park in Spain. It has an area of 2099 square kilometers. In 1983 the Unesco declared it as a biosphere preserve and in 1988 it was made a Special Protection Area for migratory birds. It includes a mountain range that has the headwaters of the Guadalquivir River, the largest river system in Andalusia. The highest mountain is the Cerro las Empanadas, with a height of 2107 meters. The park has the largest continuous pine forest and has all the pine species that are found in the Spanish peninsula.

The park has a large population of deer, wild boars, wild sheep, wolves, griffins and vultures.


The Torre del Vinagre Botanical Garden shows many plants that are found in the park and this is very interesting. It takes half an hour to drive to this place from the park entrance. There is an exhibition room showing a video of the park, and also a gift shop. A guide explains all the trees and shrubs that are found in the park. There are shallow pools that have trout.


It takes an hour to go down the mountain to the valley below that is in the park. The drive down is a very curvy drive on a narrow road with spectacular views from a lookout point. One can see wildlife during the drive. There are restaurants on the valley floor.


This park is a favorite for tourists who want to see nature at its best.