Currently there is no water treatment plant in Nerja. Therefore many areas around the beaches and of course in the sea itself may not be safe to visit, especially for children or the elderly.

For many, the beach and sea is of paramount importance so if this is you then you may want to read the threads containing a vast amount of information on this topic and then reach your own decision as to whether you wish to alter your plans.

Here are the search results relating to this issue, as you can see there are many pages so you may wish to get comfortable. Once the page loads you can "sort" the results by Date to give you an idea of the latest threads.

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The latest update to the water treatment plant can be found here in the link below:

Whilst work has finally started, it will be many months before it is complete.


Blue Flags!

Sadly, Nerja has lost all it's beach awards for this year - please read the article below.

30/7/15 - the following post shows that the problem is still evident.