Boston Guildhall is one of the jewels in the crown of Boston.  Built in the 1390's the building was given a complete sympathetic restoration recently.  The story of the Guildhall is also part of the history of Boston and the way this interesting tale is told is through information boards, interactive screens, video re-creations of true excerpts from courts records to name just a few.  They also have temporary historical and contemporary displays. 

Some of the most interesting articles on display are original Royal Charters from King Henry the VIII and Queen Elizabeth the first, and a large portrait of Sir Joseph Banks, who was also the town's Recorder (his family home of Revesby lies a few miles north of Boston). 

The Guildhall's main claim to fame is that it was thought to have held two of the famous Pilgrim Fathers when they first tried to escape England. 

Entrance is only a few pounds, but well worth it!!