One question that many travelers often ask is whether or not they need to obtain vaccines before traveling out of their home country. Travel to many countries and various islands does pose a risk of contracting certain diseases. However, there is no recommendation for inoculations when traveling to Easter Island . Travelers may want to research is whether or not they will be visiting any additional islands or countries before landing on Easter Island, or after departing from the Island.

There are a few things to watch out for while on the Island . First of all, there are several types of spiders, scorpions and other sorts of non-desirable bugs that are thriving here. The chance of seeing these creatures is very high. It is recommended that tourists wear the best possible type of insect repellent while on the Island .

There are some species of spiders that live on Easter Island that can cause people to become sick if they are bitten. Make sure to watch out for the webs of black widows. Black widows are fairly recognizable ( click here for picture).

Drinking bottled water while on the Island is recommended. The water on the island contains many minerals and may make a tourist feel sick if they drink enough of it.