The most popular time of year to visit Easter Island is during the months of December, January, February and March. During these months, the season is considered to be summer in this part of the world. The temperatures during these months averages around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the air can feel humid too. For tourists, the heat on the island usually comes as a nice break from the winter cold they are probably experiencing at home (depending on where “home” is located!)

The winter months on Easter Island are not overly cold, but they can be cool. The average low temperature can reach the high-50s Fahrenheit, but there is usually a wind at this time of year that makes the temperature feel cooler than it really is. The wind rarely stops blowing at this time of year, therefore, tourists should come to the island prepared with the correct type of clothing. Jackets that are wind-proof, sweaters and a hat that can be strapped to the head is necessary. A strap is needed because the wind can blow so strong that a hat without straps would never stay put.

Easter Island does lie in an area that has been previously hit by a tsunami, but the last one was back in 1960. Although it is not a great risk, tourists should be aware of the warning signs of a tsunami.