Due to Easter Island's isolated location it's important to come prepared. Some special supplies are not available on an island inhabited by approx. 5.800 persons.

The pharmacy have basic first aid supplies. but certain products, such as morning after pill you should bring with you, just in case. There is a hospital if a medical emergency should arise, but it’s best to come prepared for minor problems.

If you want to bring something for the locals, think about everyday supplies. Since most products are imported from mainland Chile, the prices are higher on the island. However, the price level is not considerably high for a foreigner. Additionally, choosing local services such as restaurants and tour operators you'll be supporting the local economy which is, inarguably, the best way of supporting locals in general no matter where you'll travel.

Tourists can use Chilean Pesos (CLP) or Dollars (USD) for shopping, in restaurants, or to pay for other services. However, USD is generally accepted in cash only (CLP is the local currency, after all and USD is accepted only for the convenience).

The prices are in CLP in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, apart form soverniers which may be quoted in dollars, as well. Most stores and restaurants will accept credit cards, but they’d much rather receive cash.

 Tipping is optional in restaurants (the usual 10% should suffice). But you should tip your tour guides, drivers, hotel maids etc.

The time zone for Easter Island is GMT -3 hours, or Mountain Time, which is the same time zone that a large part of the United States uses.

There's a post office on the church street where stamps can be obtained. Here you can get your passport stamped, as well (the stamp includes three Moais with "Easter Island").