Local buses, vans, and taxis essentially make up the public transportation on the island. Many people make use of Por Puesto, which is essentially a taxi for 5 people that goes on a fixed route. It is inexpensive and many say it is an excellent alternative to a conventional taxi. Take note, however, that the Por Puesto stop to pick up and drop off passengers frequently, often making the going quite slow.
    To get a conventional taxi as your primary source of transportation is cheap and generally coinsidered to be dependable and safe. For the low cost of a cab you could rent one for an entire day and it would still be a relatively cheap form of public transportation. However, if you want something fast, with the freedom to venture out on your own at your own pace (especially if you want a quicker pace), then renting a car may be a better option.
    Travelers should also note that the cheap petrol that makes taxis inexpensive affects the price of domestic flights as well – so a brief trip to Venezuela can be done fairly easily and without breaking the bank.