There is more to do on Margarita Island than any other island in the Caribbean. On Margarita Island, there are so many activities, day trips and overnight adventures.  You can deep sea fish, dolphin watch, daysail to one of the out islands, snorkle or scuba dive, surfing or windsurfing lessons, tour the island in a jeep, horseback ride, eat raw oysters on the beach for $3 (2008),....the list is huge.

In terms of day trips you have, Los Roques, Angel Falls, and various other trips to the Gran Savannah area where you can see an abundance of water falls.  These day trips require brief plane rides, but are well worth the expensive...if you can afford it of course.

There are also a variety of economical day trips available.  Coche (a small white sanded, clear watered island) 1/2 hour from the island, Cubagua or Los Frailes for snorkeling or scuba diving, jeep tours of the wild area of Macanau, and many others.

Margarita has sandy,  beautiful beaches where you can make sports, watch the sea ecosystem, taking sun and have a lot of fun...

If you stay long enough, you can watch the most amazing sunset in the Caribbean. While you're at the beach, take a rest drink some beverages and taking a meal of fresh fish.