Qian Ling park is a big park. U can see Hong Fu temple inside. As a park.. u can't imagine that there will be lots of flowers with different colour and beautiful shapes. This is place is more like mountain and forest. So once u came in (RMB5 admission fee for adult, children under 1.20m in height free) u will see lots of trees and hills. To see the temple and the lake you need to explore the site- meaning u need to climb the hill. The park can also be considered as mini amusement park as it also has ridings for children between 3-7 years old.

This place is visited more by elders as they normally engage in sport simple sport activities arranged by themselves. For those who don't like to walk around and juz wanna c the view from the top there is a cable car with a fee around RMB20 per person. The park is not well-arranged as the pool is quite dirty. The park is located inside Gui Yang city which can be reached with a public bus for only RMB 1 per person. 30 min driving distance from the railway station.