Simonstown is a lovely town on False Bay about 40 minutes from Cape Town. There are about 5/6  restaurants in the town itself, Just a  note on the best value one's:-


Opposite Jubilee Square excellent seafoods on the menu,  With a Pizza Oven in the front of the restaurant. 

The Captains Table.

Above the 2/6 pub, dont be put off by the entrance this place has the best food and super wines. More expensive than Pescado's, but well worth it. Excellent value you wont find better steaks or spring bok anywhere else in the Cape a real find.

Basic food but quite tastefuli. Ideal place for people with children that cannot behave. (right, not your children off course)

 The Salty Sea Dog.

Just by the harbour a real fish Restaurant basic but good seating area with wine and ales and really cracking fish and chips, you will be hard presed to find better value anywhere in the Cape.( Hake & Chips 30 Rand 08)


On the harbour, opposite the yachting marina nice setting, good food, very extensive menu worth a visit. Even if only for a coffee in the morning. Had some good meals in Bertha's

Good place but when it gets busy they loose quality unfortunately, and busy it gets in summer!

 Seaforth Restaurant

 Bit touristy but do some good food and have some excellent wines. Lovely setting but keep blocks of tables for tour buses at lunch time, tend not to go there on principal after being told of a 45 minute wait when there were 3 empty tables with no reservation tickets on them, they would rather wait for a chance tour minibus to turn up.

The Black Marlin

A few miles out of town towards Cape Point but a beatifull setting and fabulous food, not cheap but  good value on the current rate of exchange, worth a visit for that special meal.

This place is worth going as described above simply for it's setting. However they offer sunday life music, that is sombody that still has to practice a lot.