Norbulingka Institute is approx 20kms from Mcleod Ganj towards/after passing main Dharamsala. It is an institute for preserving Tibetan culture, very ornate and colourful and gives a feeling of being in a mini-Tibet. As you enter, you will be mesmerized by the gardens, the water bodies, the Tibetan architecture and vibrant colours. There are separate workshops where you can see artisans working on Tibetan paintings, woodwork and crafts, thankas, cloth items, sculptures, etc. Ask for a free guided tour at the ticket office to really get a full appreciation of the place.

There is a lovely doll museum where one can see displayed the costumes of different regions of Tibet. The temple, with walls adorned by frescoes, and a 14 ft gilded Buddha, created by Norbulingka artists is spectacular. There is also a shop where one can purchase the beautiful and authentic items created in the workshops.

On the premises are also a lovely guesthouse, each room themed by a Tibetan animal, and a quaint cafe where one can enjoy refreshments or a meal surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is an entry fee of INR20 for Tibetans and locals, and 50 for tourists.