Travellers can spend a day and say they have seen all there is to see in Hampi or spend a year and still feel that they have not scratched the surface of what this ancient city has to offer !!

Most people feel that 3 days will give one a good idea of what Hampi has to offer by way of temples, bazaars, Palaces, baths et al.,

One easy way to get a quick over view of the place and spend time on what you would like to see in detail is to take the KSTDC explore Hampi bus tour from Hospet (Rs.250 per person). The office is located on the bus stand road around 500 metres from the railway station. The tour leaves at 9.30 AM

If you have just gotten off the train then you may want to freshen up. One option is to go for the buffet breakfast at the Royal Orchid (Rs,250+taxes) Eat a really hearty meal. use the clean toilets to freshen up before you start your tour, You can even get the tour bus to pick you up from this hotel.  

If you are staying in Hampi then get off the tour bus at the Archaelogical Museum at Hampi (around 3.30 PM) and head to your hotel/ guest house.