Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar

The Collegiate Church is located at the Plaza del Abad Francisco Navarro s/n. The first church constructed on this site dates to 870 and was a monastery which had relics of Santa Juliana. In the 11th century this became a collegiate church and the building today is from the 12th century. The style of the church is Romanesque. The features of the church are three naves with a dome, a transept, three semi-circular apses and a tower. There are barrel vault ceilings over the transept and apses. The main doorway has plenty of sculptures that evoke the fight of the good against evil and the necessity of penance to save the soul from the fires of hell. It features animals (lions, pelicans, doves, serpents, and goats) and vegetables (apples, vines, grapes, pineapple, and acanthus). At the center of the crossing is the sepulcher of Santa Juliana. The main altar has an embossed Mexican silver front from the 17th century. The altarpiece was created by a master artist from Burgos in the 16th century. The choir has a Baroque organ. The cloister is next to the north façade of the church and has 42 capitals with various themes with Romanesque sculptures. Beside its walls are sarcophagi of important clergy and the nobility.