Baiona Sights

Baiona is a very pretty small tourist town with a population of 11,000, in the province of Pontevedra. When Columbus returned from his first voyage to America, he commanded one ship and the other ship, the Pinta, was commanded by Martin Alonso Pinzon. The Pinta arrived in Baiona on March 10, 1493, while Columbus arrived later in Lisbon. The UNESCO has listed Baiona as a Picturesque and Historic Site. The town has a large port and a reproduction of the Pinta. On top of a hill is the imposing Monterreal fortress. It has three kilometers of defensive walls and has the Parador Conde de Gondomar. The walls were constructed between the 11th and the 17th centuries. In 1585 the inhabitants of Baiona repelled an attempt to take the town by the privateer Francis Drake. Five years later Felipe II defeated the pirates that were laying the Galician coast to waste with a fleet of 98 vessels and 17,000 soldiers.