Discover Big Bear, California


Did you know that in 3 hours you could leave the beach in San Diego and reach the snowy mountains of Big Bear? So whether your visiting San Diego, Los Angeles or Orange County, you should know that Big Bear is a great place to spend a fun weekend in an amazing setting. Here is information about Big Bear California.

What to do In Big Bear California?

Skiing and Snowboarding in Big Bear CA 


Things to do in Big Bear, California

Big Bear is a great weekend escape all year long. If you enjoy nature and mountains, there are a lot of outdoor activities to do and nature to enjoy; starting with the drive up the mountain.

-          Ski resorts: Big Bear has two separated resorts, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. They offer activities all year long: hiking, mountain biking… before the snow gets here; and of course skiing – mostly in Snow Summit, and snowboarding – mostly in Bear Mountain, during the winter. Bear mountain has a nice snow park. The snow is mostly man made for you to enjoy a longer snow season, but some winter offers a few nice powder days.

-          Solar Observatory: In the middle of the lake in Big Bear, on a small island is the largest solar telescope of the world. How exciting!  So come discover this incredible scientific attraction and learn about the sun, the moon and the milky way.

-          Moonridge Zoo: this is just an amazing place. You can observe wild alpine animals and birds in their environment. And Moonridge Zoo is not just a zoo, it is also a rescue center/ rehabilitation home that helps animals from other zoos and wounded animals to learn how to survive in nature on their own again.


Where to stay in Big Bear California?


In Big Bear you mainly have two lodging choices: cabins or hotels

-          Cabins are such a great way to fully enjoy the typical mountain experience. Whether you want a romantic weekend for 2 or a fun weekend with friends and enough room for 8, cabins give you the comfort, the independence and privacy hotel rooms don’t always allow. Many different rental companies are available to find the right cabin for you in Big Bear.

-          Hotels are numerous in Big Bear. Check for special offers. During ski season certain hotels offer great packages: room + lift tickets, for a good deal. Also check for memberships discounts; AAA members can find good deals for hotel rooms in Big Bear.



Southern California is such a great destination. So come discover how you can enjoy the beach, the desert and the mountains all in one vacation!