Snoopy in Camp Snoopy at Knott               

If you're planning a vacation to California, you've probably already planned a visit to Disneyland. Don't forget to add Knott's Berry Farm to your list of sights and things to do. Knott's is an affordable theme park adventure and your little ones will love Camp Snoopy.

Here is a little bit of information about Knott's Berry Farm to help you plan your visit:

TICKETS: Knott's Berry Farm single day adult admission price is $67 for an all-day unlimited ride ticket. Those 3-11 year old and Seniors 62+ are only $37 all day every day.  It's only $37 after 4 p.m. any day that Knott's Berry Farm closes after 6:00 p.m. (except during Halloween Haunt)

Admission Discounts: Throughout the year different admission ticket discounts are offered by fast food restaurants and grocery stores in Southern California.  You can check out the current discount offers at

Hungry?  Purchase the All-Day-Dining-Meal which is $34.55. You eat every 90 minutes at particpating location and selective menus. 

Arriving after 4pm? Everybody is $37 after 4. However it starts at 3:45 pm the twilight promotion. No additional discount can be added for this special price since it's low as its gonna go. 

Seasonal Passes - Seasonal Passes are priced at $99, passes are good every day that the park is open except for special events such as Knott's Halloween Hunt (there are No Black Out Days.) There close only on Christmas Day.You can add a parking pass for an additional $60. You may do monthly payments for your season pass but it has to be done online. These are seasonal pass not annual so they start Janurary till December. No matter when you purchase your season pass they ALL EXPIRE DECEMBER 31.

Fast Lane - If you don't like to wait in lines Knott's has the perfect solution for you but it comes at a hefty price. The Fast Lane is extremely shortened time wait for 13 of the most popular rides. Fast Lane are NOT admission tickets. You still need to buy the admission ticket on top of fast lane if you wish. 

: Parking is $17 per car for the day and buses and RV's are $20 per car.  Lots are a short walk to the main entrance. One lot is located across the street with access via a tunnel, the other lot is located to the left of the park near the Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel.

KNOTTS VS DISNEY;  If you are coming from out of town/state, the question invariably comes up "Disney vs Knotts". As someone who literally grew up going to both, here is an honest answer. If you can only do ONE, do Disney. Although overall prices are double at Disney, the experience is more family friendly. Having said that, if you have done Disney (both California Adventure and Disneyland) absolutely do Knotts. Pro's of Knotts: - for the little ones there is Camp Snoopy. If you are over 8, this probably wont be that appealing, but the little ones will love seeing a real live Snoopy. There is also a fabulous gift shop for all ages. For teens there are great rides and they tend to be faster and steeper than Disney. NOTE many are summer type rides in that you will get really wet. There are also a lot of carnival games that the teen/dating set will like. NOTE at night you get a HEAVY influx of local teens and tweens. If you have very young kids, suggest going early and leaving early.

KNOTTS BERRY FARM RESORT HOTEL : This hotel is a former Radisson, it is located adjacent to Knott's Berry Farm. In the summer months standard room rates are $99 - $189 (may vary) and Snoopy Themed rooms are $189-$249 a night and include a nightly "tuck in" service by Snoopy himself, treats, and 1 take-home Snoopy toy per room. Spring and Fall rate are much less.  I've seen the rooms as low as $79 a night for a standard room. Packages are available that include theme park admission, breakfast, parking and more. Knott's Resort Hotel also offers a complimentary shuttle to Disneyland!!!

Knott's Resort Snoopy Hallway            

PARK HOURS : Knotts opens at 10 am and closes at varying hours depending on the season. Summer, holidays, and school breaks the park will be open as late as 11pm. Weekdays, and non-holiday weeks the park closes as early as 5:30 PM. The crowds here are nowhere near the crowds you get at Disneyland. On weekdays in the fall and spring it can be virtually deserted.  This is the best time to come for riding the rides. There are times when there is no one in line and you can ride as many times as you'd like. The park may only be open until 5:30 PM on these less busy times but you can do so much because there are no lines. The only drawback to the slower season is that they cut back on their entertainment.  Shows are scheduled for only certain days a week  and many food locations will be closed.

Knotts is divided into 6 different areas:

  • Ghost Town -   Rides you shoudn't miss - Ghost Rider Wooden Roller Coaster, Butterfield Stagecoach, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Calico Mine Ride, and the Calico Railroad. Where to eat - Fireman's Brigade BBQ ($5 - $9) they cook up BBQ chicken, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob and more, or for a sit down meal the Ghost Town Grill for steaks, burgers, sandwiches and salads. Prices about $5-$12 per meal. Kids meals at Ghost Town Grill come with a nice snoopy cup with lid and straw and a snoopy ice cream bar. Service at the Ghost Town Grill can be a little slow, if you see a line out the door skip it and walk on over to The Fireman's Brigade BBQ. For a little culture be sure to check out the Western Museum, the Blacksmith, and the Old School House. For fun be sure and see the Wild West Stunt show in Knott's Berry Farm's historic open air wagon camp. You can sit in a covered wagon to watch the show, if it's hot out be sure to sit in the first 6 rows - you'll be in for a refreshing surprise! The Calico Saloon Show is also a great place to cool off in the air conditioning and sip root beer, sasparilla or a Budweiser while watching a cute stage show.
  • Fiesta Village - Rides to try - Montezuma's Revenge, a great little looping coaster, Jaguar roller coaster, the Dragon Swing, and the Merry go Round and Hat Dance ( think tea cups) for your little ones.   Where to eat - Try the La Victoria Cantina for some good tacos, rice, beans, taco salads & more at really great prices - everything under $8.
  • The Boardwalk - Rides you've got to see or try - Rip Tide, it's really fun just to sit and watch as the riders are flipped and drenched by water (they only get you wet in the hot months, they turn the water off in the winter/spring), feeling crazy, give it a try - it's an experience! Perilous Plunge-- want to get wet? Then this is the ride for you!  You can also stand on a bridge just below the drop and get completely soaked by the huge wave that hits you when the boat reaches the bottom! Love coasters?  There are 2 here - try the Boomerang to go backward and forward, and Xcelerator at some amazing speed with one heck of a drop! Like big drops? Try Supreme Screme! Where to eat-the only place worthwhile here is the World's largest  Johnny Rocket's - it's the same as the chain restaurant with great burgers, fries, sandwiches and more. Same prices as their regular restaurants, they didn't increase everything just because it's in a theme park. Great food at a great price.
  • Camp Snoopy - This entire area is great if you have little ones. Every ride is a great ride for kids.   They'll want to try them all. Some rides have height restrictions that require a parent to ride with the child, some rides the child must ride alone because of height limits. All rides are mellow and perfect for kids. For Fun - don't miss the show at Camp Snoopy Theatre, you're little one just might end up on stage with Snoopy and the gang!  Where to eat -  Be sure to check out the dining options in the other areas of the park before deciding to dine in Camp Snoopy - there is better quality food at the same prices throughout the park.
  • Wild Water Wilderness - Just one great ride here - Wilderness Rapids.  You will get wet! For Fun & a great learning experience be sure to check out Mystery Lodge. Again, if you're in the mood for burgers head to Johnny Rockets.
  • Indian Trails - No rides here but be sure to walk through to see the authentic Native American Tipis, Hogans, Big Houses & Totem poles. Native American music and dancing shows are also scheduled at different times.

Native American Dancers Indian Trails Knott

Things you can do to have an authentic Knott's Berry Farm experience :

  1. Drink Boysenberry Punch - if you've never had it try it! It's very good.
  2. Ride the Stage Coach
  3. Eat a funnel cake with Boysenberry topping - the best funnel cake ever
  4. Ride the Timbermountain Log Ride - several times
  5. Ride the Calico Mine Train
  6. Take a trip on the Calico Train and be held up by robbers
  7. Stand on the grave at the cowboy cemetary in Ghost Town and feel the heart beat under your feet.
  8. Take your kids to the Jail in Ghost Town - send the kids or your spouse up to the jail house, you stay and talk to the man at the window and he'll talk to them through a speaker in the jail, it's really funny to see the reaction when they hear someone inside talking to them.
  9. Walk through the Western Museum - really cool stuff here! Check out the old School House, Bottle House, & Chinese Laundry too.
  10. Eat chicken at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant - It's the whole reason that Knott's Berry Farm exists today!     
  11. Stop by the Knott's Berry Farm Bakery on your way out and pick up Snoopy Cupcakes, just 89cents, or huge cookies for 49-69 cents a piece.
  12. See the Wild West Show, be sure to arrive early so you can sit in one of the covered wagons - great picture taking opportunity!
  13. Take a picture with Snoopy  

You will enjoy Knott's Berry Farm, it's not as expensive or as crowded as other theme parks. Camp Snoopy is great for children, and all of the roller coasters really appeal to teens and adults. There are some great dining choices here too that won't break the bank, and you'll get some quality food.