Southern California is blessed with both calm waters and a healthy and diverse marine environment.  Whales of many types frequent these waters year round.

With the emergence of the blue whales during the summer months whale watching is no longer a winter and spring event in fact the giant blue whales have become as prevelant and with mild weather huge pods of dolphin, and many other marine creatures the summer and fall months have become a favorite for the whale watching euthasist.

The traditonal period from December through April is still a favorite as it which coincides with the gray whale migration.  The migration brings thousands of gray whales along the southern California coastline and down to Baja to breed and then brings them back again to their summer feeding grounds.

Regardless of when you go whale watching is a great activity for the whole family and along with viewing over a half dozen whale species, several species of dolphin, sea lions, and many other marine species can be viewed on each trip.

Contact Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari or Dana Wharf  Whale Watching.  Just remember the whales don't wear watches so any time can be a great time to view a whale.