California is known for its appealing weather, and Fresno certainly lives up to the state’s sunny reputation, although the previous posting was -at best - over stated.  Here are the AVERAGE temperatures, listed from 

Month Low High
Jan 38.4°F 53.6°F
Feb 41.4°F 61.3°F
Mar 44.9°F 66.1°F
Apr 48.4°F 74.0°F
May 54.9°F 82.7°F
Jun 61.2°F 90.9°F
Jul 66.1°F 96.6°F
Aug 64.9°F 94.8°F
Sept 60.4°F 88.8°F
Oct 51.9°F 78.1°F
Nov 42.3°F 63.0°F
Dec 37.0°F 53.4°F

Rain is nearly unheard of in the summer and isn’t too common during the other seasons either, except during the winter when it averages over 2 inches each month during January, February and March. And snow? Don’t even think about it!  It doesn't snow in Hades or Fresno!

Spring is endearing with its fruit trees in colorful blossom. Summer is a delight, although a very hot delight, because of all the outdoor activities you can enjoy downtown (like dining al fresco) and in Fresno County’s countryside.  Wear sunscreen and have a pool nearby.  The immediate countryside is flat, uninviting and hazy from local traffic and agriculture.  Summer is also a tasty season to visit for its farm fresh offerings—Fresno is the top agricultural county in the nation, after all, adding to the haze in the sky reminiscent of the rest of the Central Valley and Los Angeles.  The December holiday season is another popular time of year to visit. Here, you’ll find that neighborhoods get into the festive spirit (really get into it) . . . it’s no coincidence that this city is also home to the nation's tallest living Christmas Tree, located at Huntington and 6th Street... how exciting!