There are so many things to do.  You can go fishing, swimming, sun bathing, and kayaking on the Gualala river. 

To go kayaking, first go to "Adventure Rentals" which is uphill from the Chevron gas station, behind the 21st Century building. In July 2006, there were two guys there and a huge dog. A double kayak rental cost $60 and you get lifevests and a drybag. Pick those up and drive to the bridge over the Gualala river, making a right turn on the dirt road before you reach the bridge. Go on the dirt road until it ends on the river's bank and you'll see the kayaks. They close at 6pm (at least on Sundays).

Gualala river can be kayaked in two directions: downstream towards the estuary, which is usually closed, and upstream from the bridge. Downstream, the water can be deeper and there can be some waves from the ocean's breeze. Upstream, the water is calmer and shallwer, with more algae. Overall, the water is at most 6ft. deep and usually just 1ft. deep. The current is very subtle.

Get your camera in the dry bag, there are some nice houses on the cliff if you go downstream, and nice trees overlooking the river if you go upstream.

 You can also go hiking along the river.  There's even a spot you can go hiking to see the sun set and get a beautiful  view. If you go hiking, there's one trail that will take you from the camp grounds straight down to the ocean. You can also go for a hike through the forests and the trail stays right beside the river. You can also go and visit the visitor center (the trail that leads to the ocean takess you right past it) which has many cool and historic things there. Along your way there you can also go whale watching which is SO much fun.