Laguna Nursery is one of those unique places that helps give the Laguna Beach community a sense of place and identity. A rebirth of artistry combining arts and plants encompasses Laguna Nursery re-opened in September 2007 in the historic nursery location on Pacific Coast Highway.  Emanating from the creativity of renowned California horticulturalist and landscape designer/director Ruben Flores, Laguna Nursery offers a unique combination of plants, gifts, art, fountains, furniture, and architectural artifacts, in a confluence designed to inspire and invigorate outdoor environments. The restoration of the historic 1920s bungalow fronting Glennerye Street on the rear of the complex was completed in November of 2008 and is the latest addition to the ever expanding Laguna Nursery Collection, providing a showcase for the fusion of culinary and horticultural arts, where gifts baskets of rare pastas and sauces, beeswax candles with herb essences and whimsical whatnots dance with the lightness of lavender teas and rosemary breads, and marmalades, conserves and tasty jammy apricot preserves. Laguna Nursery is located at 1370 South Coast Highway in the HIP (Historic and Interesting Places) District between Thalia and Bluebird Canyon