Banana Leaf is a family run Asian restaurant in the South Bay.

The place is crowded and noisy, but the service is always excellent and the food unfailingly consistent, which is somewhat surprising given the variety in the menu. Kay Yim and her husband, David, have taken alot of the old family recipes for everything from beef and chicken to seafood and vegetarian fare to a new level. Most of the dishes are tangy and spicy, but they appeal to people of all different ethnicities.

All the dishes are moderately priced (so you get a great bang for the buck), and alcohol is served.

Be forewarned that you will encounter a line and usually a good half hour to one hour wait if you show up at dinner time on even a weekday. Believe it or not, the same goes for lunch. Just be sure to try to arrive early as this place is always packed.

Located in the McCarthy Ranch shopping center.