The State Theatre is a non profit classic movie theater with newly upgraded sound system where you can relax with a glass of wine, cocktail or real buttered popcorn and watch an independent film you would have to travel two hours to see in a big city. They show classic films, foreign films, host concert events for popular bands and comics at great prices and have a friendly staff and easy parking in front and back of the theater. At Oscar time, there's always a red carpet party plus lots more fun at Cannes festival time or anytime movies are being screened. vote on your favorite animated short. So people in Modesto can enjoy what most small cities don't have, and many people don't know what the State Theatre has to offer. The staff is friendly, prices great, better snacks than most movie houses, just a wonderful way to get away from home and see a really high quality film. There is even a club that meets and discusses classic movies viewed there after the show, and you can discuss the film at length with other people who love good movies. Guest speakers involved with the making of some popular classics have spoken to the audience and hosted a question/answer afterwards. You can even sit in the balcony. They have a website under one word... Thestate so take a look at what's playing and see you there..come as you are and prepare to see a really good movie or concert and support the arts in Modesto.