Getting around Napa isn’t as hard as some places with lots of back roads and side trips. That’s because with years of experience helping navigate to and around the town’s various sights, the city has effectively created a system of signs that help even the Napa novice get where they need to be. Wineries help with signs and arrows, and even locals are good for a tip on how to get somewhere.

But a popular way of getting around Napa involves handing the navigating and driving to someone else. On weekends, Napa’s streets swell with limousines full of wine fans who want to get from tasting room to tasting room with a minimum of fuss.

If you’re planning to “do” Napa with the first-class limousine ticket, be sure to make your plans ahead of time. If you arrive on a Friday night seeking a limousine for Saturday, you’ll likely be out of luck, especially if it’s a popular spring or summer month.

There are a few car rental companies in town, but the same rule applies as to limousines – plan ahead. Though it might be a little easier to get a rental car at the spur of the moment, car rental companies are also busy and a little tapped out in the busy tourist months.