Imperial Sand Dunes are a great place to visit in southern California as they have the tallest dunes in Califorina at up to 400 feet tall.  The park itself is also giant at 15 miles wide by 40 miles long and very is easy to get to.  The southern part of the dunes has tons of people on their dune buggies and ATV's all over the place; very fun and at night as everyone has campers and bon fires.  The north side of the dunes are closed to vehicles off the highway and is where you will find the biggest dunes and great places to hike/take photos.

The Dunes are a great place to hang out on the weekends, and even better you have ATV equipment!  They Dunes located west of Yuma, about 15 minutes, two hours east of San Deigo, and lots of fun!  All ages and people from all over the United States go here for recreation.  Parts of one of the Star Wars episodes was filmed here as was a movie starring The Rock!