The Palm Desert area is just 120 miles from Los Angeles and San Diego, but really a world apart. Southern California residents flock to this area to take advantage of the year-round sunny climate, the natural oasis of palm trees and waterfalls, and the hot mineral springs.

The Palm Desert area includes the city of Palm Springs, but also a host of small towns that cater to people seeking some quiet and solitude in the simplicity of the desert. Thanks to the popularity of the mineral hot springs, a number of desert resorts opened up to those seeking restoration from the natural waters.

The La Quinta Resort is the desert’s oldest resort. After its construction in 1926, it quickly became a popular escape for Hollywood actors and others seeing some privacy and relaxation.

Because “The Springs” is a relatively short drive from Los Angeles, many locals consider it an easy weekend getaway, and hotels and resorts that cater to the weekend mindset have flourished. Popular activities in the Palm Desert include golfing and tennis, and general relaxation.

The resort setting, with the desert background, and the close location to Los Angeles makes the Palm Desert a popular location for movie shoots. “Oceans 11” was filmed in the Palm Desert and episodes of “The Bachelorette” were also filmed in Palm Desert.