The Palm Springs Air Museum is the Home of One of the Nation's Largest Collection of World War II Flying Aircraft diplayed in Modern, Well Lighted, Air Conditioned and Clean Hangars.  The Buddy Rodgers Theater shows Daily Documentaries about Aviation in the Military with a Special Emphasis on WWII.  In Addition to Airplanes and Many Artifacts and Other Historical Pieces, the Museum contains a Library with over 6200 Volumes relating primarily to Aviation and American Military History.

There are Extensive Museum Displays, Documentary Films, Lecture Series as well as Many Other Museum Sponsored Commemorative Educational Programs for both Visitors and Members alike.  There are Often Exhibition Flights.  Visitors and Members alike Can and Do Participate in the Sights and Sounds that Have Made History.

Other Highlights:

1. Exciting Calendar of Programs, Ceremonies & Events.

2. Four to Five Temporary Exhibtion Openings throughout the Year.

3. Flight Demonstrations of Aircraft from the Collection of WWII, Korea and Visiting Aircraft.

4. Visiting Combat Aircraft, Historic and Modern, are Regularily Schedueld and Displayed.

5. Extensive Original Aviatinon Art and Murals, Plus Dramatic Historic Combat Photography on Display.

6. Test Your Skills on Computer Flight Simulators.

7. Extensive WWII Library.

8. Ideal Family Entertainment.


Preserve, Educate, Honor