Native Americans were the original inhabitants of Palm Springs. They used the desert’s natural habitat to live, turning the various desert plants into clothing, medicine and food. There was a variety of wildlife living in the desert and the Indians hunted bighorn sheep, rabbits, deer and a variety of small animals. It’s believed they lived that way until Palm Springs was “discovered” in the mid-1800s.

Once others discovered Palm Springs, it became a magnet for people seeking the nearly 350 sunny desert days a year and warm climate. It wasn’t long before Hollywood discovered Palm Springs and it became a center of day-off activities for a variety of Hollywood celebrities.

Once Palm Springs became the playground we know today – all this began in the 1940s – celebrities and the wealthy came to Palm Spring from all over. They enjoyed horseback riding, golfing, dining, tennis and even gambling. Though many local residents left the area when WWII began, after the war people quickly returned and the town again became a bustling center of sunny-day activity.

Since the 1950s, the number of vacation homes in Palm Springs has increased significantly. Many people seek the warm and sun of Palm Springs when winter is at its darkest. It’s also become a popular residence for California senior citizens wanting a warm climate but not willing to make the bigger move to Florida.