For being a small town, Placerville has a very nice range of restaurants.  There is Z-Pies, a quirky gourmet pot-pie place and the Buttercup Pantry with something for everyone and they serve breakfast all day!  There is Sequioa, Cafe Luna and Tomei's on Main Street, all of which offer a fine dining experience and then there is the Heyday Cafe which recently opened as a wine bar/tapas sort of place.  Main Street is also home to Starbucks coffee, Lil Johnies Italian eatery, a Mel's dinner, Carrows, a Mexican Cantina and Centro coffee shop.  All in all, there is a wide variety of prices and menu selections to meet every budget and taste.

One of the best places to eat in downtown Placerville is the Old Town Grill. Amazing food. Another great place to eat is at the cheese shop. Their cheese is great and perfect for cheese dinners.