St.  Helena is located within the heart of the Napa Valley. Travelers often reach the area by first flying to one of the nearby major airports. Travelers can opt to fly in to the Oakland Airport ( ), San Francisco International Airport ( ), or Sacramento Airport (Sacramento is the easiest), and each is located approximately 1.5 hours drive from St Helena.  Note, there are also bridge tolls if you're coming from Oakland and San Francisco.  But, you have the opportunity to drive through the beautiful city of San Francisco if you fly in there..

Upon arrival at the airport, it is necessary to rent a car in order to proceed to St. Helena . Take Highway 101, Highway 505 or Highway 80 to get to the general area, depending upon where you are coming from.   These roads will connect with Highway 128, 121 or 12.   The main highway in the Napa Valley is Hwy 29, which is only one lane in each direction past the town of Yountville.  A detailed driving map with further information is available at .