The only way to really get around Saint Helena is via car.  This is because, although the area is somewhat compact, the roads are country roads which can not be easily navigated on foot.  For activities that take place right within the main heart of Saint Helena, walking will suffice.  For longer distances, some adventurous travelers may find that bicycling is an option for them.  However, for the most part, getting around is going to be done by car.

The main highway leading through Saint Helena is Highway 29  This will go through Downtown Saint Helena and is usually the road drivers will take to exit the main areas of the town.  Travelers seeking to use a more scenic route to get to some of the area’s attractions, particularly the wineries in the nearby mountains, should look for Silverado Trail.

One of the most common activities for Saint Helena visitors is to tour  wineries.  Plenty of people want to be able to have the freedom to enjoy some adult-style drinking without having to worry about driving themselves back to their hotels.  For those people, the best method of getting around is via guided tour.  Tours are most frequently done in limousines or busses, with the latter being the more inexpensive option.  Both options are pretty pricey, but they can be considered part of the necessary transportation expense for full exploration of the area.  Detailed information about tours is available online at