San Clemente, a Southern California surf city, is a popular wedding location and a family friendly vacation destination.  The "village" was created by a man named Ole Hanson (pronounced "Oleee" not "Oleh'") in the early 1900's.  He had seen the raw coastline as a young boy and had decided that he would return one day to build the famed "Spanish Village by the Sea."  There are many beautiful, original "Ole Hansen" houses that remain standing today.  Ole Hanson houses were made with a Spanish influence: white stucco, hand carved wood, arched doorways and red, tile roofs, and colorful, patterned tiles.  Today, they are labeled as historic homes, preserved and maintained by the San Clemente Historical Society.  Some of the structures are owned by the city and others are private residences.  Here are some of the most widely recognized structures: 

Ole Hanson Beach House is a very popular wedding reception location with a bird's eye view of San Clemente's North Beach.

Casa Romantica, Ole Hanson's former home, was recently renovated and is now open to the public and periodically hosts art exhibits and fund raisers.  The old structure overlooks the city's main beach, the pier bowl and the San Clemente pier.

There is so much to see and experience in San Clemente, from the natural scenery to art, open air markets, and historic homes.

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