San Simeon and the rest of San Luis Obispo County offer many FREE things to do:

*  Drive up Hwy 1 along Big Sur Coast – one of the most scenic drives in the USA !
* Stroll along the pier.
* Stroll thru the Hearst Castle Reception Center, with museum & gift stores. This is fun, even if you don't have the time or money to take
the tour of the actual Hearst Castle itself.
* Visit the historic "San Simeon Market & Post Office" in Old San Simeon (aka Sebastian's) This is very near the pier.
* Watch the Elephant Seals on the beach – but don't get too close ! Keep dogs on leash and remember - the elephant seals can move
very quickly if they want to, and there is a federal law against harming or annoying them in any way.  (One visitor claimed the sounds they make were just like those of his old Model T. - You decide.)
* Stroll along the beach. You can do this anywhere on the long stretch between the pier and the town. 
* Look for zebras on the inland side of the road ! They still live and roam freely on the huge Hearst Ranch that surrounds the castle.