Mission Santa Clara de Asís was founded on Jan. 12, 1777, by the Franciscans and was named for Saint Clare of Assisi. It was the eighth mission founded in California. Today it is part of the Santa Clara University and is its university chapel. The mission was founded at an Indian village along the Guadalupe River and was intended to covert the Indians to Christianity. The church was ruined and rebuilt six times, the last being in 1929. When California became a state in 1850, the mission was taken over by the Jesuit Order. Father John Nobili became the head of the mission and he began a college that later became the Santa Clara University, the oldest university in California. This university is one of the best in California. The mission has bells that are rung every evening at 8:30 pm and the bells were a gift from Carlos III of Spain. He asked that the bells be rung every evening to remember the faithful who had died.

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