You can’t come to Santa Monica and be inactive - it’s virtually impossible given that the beach is right there, luring aspiring surfers and boogie boarders into the water. If you’ve not mastered the art of surfing, you can take lessons from companies like Quiksilver in the area.  For those who’d rather not ride the waves, cruising the boardwalk is a great alternative. Plenty of vendors offer rentals of rollerblades and bikes, or you can walk or jog along the boardwalk or sand for free.

Test your skills at the original site of Muscle Beach, which features parallel bars, rings and chin-up bars for your amusement. Sometimes it’s more fun to just watch others taking part in the feats of strength than actually doing it yourself, though. Or join in a game of volleyball taking place at one of the many courts on the beach for a little fun in the sun.

Give your body a rest and your mind a workout at the Chess Park. It can get a bit serious around here, but if you’re a novice, you can probably still find a table to practice your skills.