In Tehachapi, CA is the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch. It’s a working ostrich ranch that is open to the public for guided and unguided tours. The tours start with a visit to the world’s largest birds, some of them can grow to be 10 feet tall and weigh 500 pounds.  On the tour you learn tons of great information about the ostriches.  During the summer months the female ostriches (called hens) lay eggs. Take the tour during the summer and you get to see the newly hatched ostrich chicks.  The ranch even has the “Ostrich Bonding Experience,” your chance to get close to the birds and feed them.  They have a nice ranch store that features lots of products produced from their birds. They carry ostrich oils and lotions, jerky, feather dusters, edible eggs, meat and lots of local artist created works. You can take a lunch and sit under their umbrella covered picnic tables while the kids play in a fenced playground.  The Indian Point Ostrich Ranch is fun for everyone and created memories for the family that will last a lifetime.

The tours are free, but a donation of $2 is recommended and well worth it.