Jessup Cellars and Hope and Grace are two wine tasting rooms in the quaint Napa valley town of Yountivlle .

The tasting room at Jessup is a comfortable, casual room with both a bar and few tables to enjoy your wine.  While it can be crowded during weekend afternoons, at other times it is empty and quiet, allowing you to enjoy your wine and chat with the servers behind the bar.  The servers are incredibly helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and fun.  They will tell you their favorite smaller vineyards worth visiting, and even give you contact information and directions to the vineyards.  The wine is also wonderful, with great full-bodied reds such as pinot noirs and merlots, and an excellent port that goes with any type of chocolate.

The Hope and Grace tasting room is a bit more modern, with funky artwork and a small tasting area.  The staff are quite friendly (even opening up after closing time) and knowledgeable.  The wine is outstanding as well, with a mix of whites and reds, specifically pinot noir and chardonnay.  Both tasting rooms sell bottles at very reasonable prices, so be prepared to buy, especially since they are both small wineries with limited distribution.