Yountville is a quaint, wine-producing town in northern California's Napa Valley.  It is known for its small vineyards and inns and attracts many tourists every year who come to taste its wines and enjoy its beautiful natural landscapes.  The town is also home to what is considered to be one of the United State's best restaurants, French Laundry, owned by chef Thomas Keller.  All of these factors, while producing a desirable tourist destination, create an environment ideal for the occasional petty thief out to separate upper middle class tourists from their cash and valuable souvenirs.  Although this happens infrequently, it is important that you always lock your car, even if you will only be leaving it for a minutes and that you not leave anything of value in your car in plain sight.  If you must leave items in the car, lock them in the trunk.  Also, try to be mindful of bags and cameras while dining in restaurants, especially those with outdoor tables.  Following these simple tips is sure to help provide a trouble-free visit.